Our children’s eyesight is precious and we must be constantly aware of the signs that may indicate problems. Our professional team provides a service at schools for screening children’s vision but parents should also be attuned to simple indications that can occur:


  • sitting too close to the television
  • covering one eye when looking at a book or object
  • constant headaches
  • getting up or asking to sit closer to the blackboard at school
  • squinting or rubbing eyes excessively
  • difficulty catching a ball
  • not wanting to look at books
  • sore eyes
  • slow reading
  • poor concentration and comprehension
  • blurred vision
  • head tilt
  • incorrect copying off the board

If you spot any of these symptoms contact us and we will do a full pediatric eye examination which is both extensive and detailed. We are professionals in this field and pay particular attention to the detection and optical treatment of congenital disorders.

‘We suggest an annual examination for all children wearing spectacles, and a visit every 5 years for all other children. Allen & Dutton Optometrists employ an infrared eye tracker which assesses the movements of the child’s eyes when reading. This new program provides specialized training for word recognition; smooth sentence construction; accuracy of eye movements; and general reading speed. Having a measurable outcome allows us to demonstrate to the parent improvements in the child’s performance.’

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