Your new Sunglasses

SETTLING IN : For any new pair of sunglasses  it can take some time get comfortable with the fit of the frame, or even the type of lens tint. If you are not comfortable within a few days we recommend a return visit to your Optometrist for an adjustment.

CARE & CLEANING : Rinsing your sunglasses with water & drying them with the included microfiber cloth is very effective, but sometimes the lenses will require a weak solution of soapy water to remove dirt or oily residue. If you have an oily skin or perspire you will notice that the lenses require more frequent cleaning. We do stock special lens sprays which are excellent for lens lens polishing, conditioning the anti-reflection coating of your lenses, and reducing lens misting.

CHANGE ! : You may be a little disappointed with your new sunglasses. This could be due to your sunglass frame selection or to the type of lens tint ( some eyes are sensitive to certain wavelengths of light which makes them uncomfortable with certain tint colours ). Feel free to discuss any concerns with your Optometrist & you will be surprised by what can be done to improve your outlook.

SERVICING : From time to time you may need to visit your Optometrist for a sun glass service. This would include a frame re-alignment ( daily use can cause the frame to become mis-aligned ), nose-pad replacement ( these lose their condition due to contact with the skin ), a hinge service ( hinge lubrication & tightening ), and an ultra-sonic cleaning bath. Your sunglasses will feel ‘new’ again !

INSURANCE : Accidents happen, and we strongly recommend that you insure your new sunglasses. The low monthly fee is worth it …

WARRANTY : Your new sunglasses carry a full one year warranty against faulty manufacture. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this cover.

SHARP FOCUS : New Technology allows us to fit prescription lenses into almost any type of sunglass design. If you require spectacle correction for ‘distance focus’ or for ‘near focus’ , we could include the same visual improvement into your sunglasses. Most medical aids will cover the costs of this prescription upgrade.

UPGRADE : We will always offer the latest sun glass styles from fashion houses around the world, along with the newest lens technologies affording  premium vision for occupation or sports-specific requirements. One of our unique service offerings is to upgrade existing sunglasses by exchanging the lenses or other components of the sunglass frame which can dramatically affect the look and performance of your sunglasses.

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